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Hi, I'm Jeanne. 

I blog about Costco deals and new products that I'm finding at my local Nashville, Tennessee, Costco, and I cover news stories about the Costco company, nationally and internationally. I post links to Costco coupons, and give reviews of Costco products that I've tried. Sometimes, I add a recipe made with Costco ingredients.

Recently, I've blogged about Costco stock, my disappointment with Biscoff European Cookie spread and my love of the new Kirkland Balsamic Vinaigrette.  

I'm not sure how I became such a Costco fan, but I think it's partly genetic.  My parents were great "treasure hunt" shoppers, searching for deals and sales. Shopping at Costco has that same feeling of discovery; I'm never sure what Costco is going to do next.

As to how I became Fifi, when my son Mike asked me what I wanted my newborn grandchild to call me, I jokingly said "Fifi." Now, I'm known from Brooklyn to Detroit as Grandma Fifi. 

Bob is the resident taste and product tester. In the blog, I call him Bob, but my grandchildren call him Jacques (to match Fifi) and he comments as Jacqueshmm.  You may notice his comments generally center around "why are we out of ice cream?"

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