Monday, October 24, 2016

Grandpa's Birthday Bash

I'm glad I didn't start buying the Costco Fleming's gift cards in the summer.  I was going to buy $100 at a time and work my way up to the circa $800 that a dinner at Flemings would have cost.  

We did Flemings two years ago, and I wrote in the blog about what a great decision that was.  This year, instead, at Grandpa's request, we opted for staying home and getting pizza.  (The Fleming's gift cards are no longer in my store but still available from Costco on-line.)

We used a party room in Grandpa's apartment building, bought disposable plates, glasses, tablecloths, and silverware from Costco.  The Asti and Pinot Noir wines and Yuengling beer came from Costco. Probably should have gotten the pepperoni pizzas there, too.  

Here's Bob (Jacques) with some of the party ware:

Of course, I have plenty of paper goods left over.  The wine and beer seem to be gone....

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