Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Nut Milk: Aldi vs. Costco

My local Aldi is on my way to Costco; I'm not sure what drew me inside the first time. I think I read an article somewhere about the culture (shopping carts are loaned for .25 cents?  Bags cost money?) Or, it's possible I came across a vegan blog about how to shop there. Because. Vegan. (You think I'm kidding.)

The first product that caused me to stop at Aldi, as a regular, not a tourist, was eggs.  My local Costco stopped selling eggs in quantities less than 2 dozen.  (Did I mention? Vegan?)  A dozen eggs at Aldi was .69 cents, and Jacques could have fresher eggs.  So a started to swing by for eggs.

Near the eggs, Aldi sells half-gallon Friendly Farms Almond milk for $1.99. As part of the previously mentioned veganism, I'm drinking nut milk.  Which, of course, I've been buying from Costco.  My Costco sells Silk, three half gallons, for $7.59.  I was convinced the Costco product must be better, because it cost more,  but I decided to try the Aldi's as an experiment.  Seemed OK, but I doubted my judgement, so I did a blind taste test on Jacques and myself.  Let me just put it out there that Jacques is not a big nut milk person, but he couldn't tell the difference and neither could I. Nutritional information looked identical.

As part of my research for this column, I read a blog from 2014 that said Aldi Friendly Farms nut milk contained carrageenan, but that is not on the ingredients list of either the Friendly Farms Nut Milk or the Silk Nut Milk from Costco at this time.

Aldi has been a learning curve. after about 7 visits, I found myself returning as a regular, knowing some of the regulars' behaviors, like not getting a new cart from the shopping cart rack.  You hand a quarter to a finished shopper who is on her way to the rack.  When you're done, you accept 25 cents from a newcomer. And remember to take your own bags inside, particularly when it's this cold.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Aldi's Winking Owl Chardonnay

My friend's daughter, Sarah (named changed to protects privacy), wanted a group of us grandmothers to test this $3.00 Aldi, Winking Owl chardonnay.  Sarah is planning to serve it at an open house, but the cheap price frightens her.

We found it perfectly acceptable.

Personally, as someone who has suffered through bad chardonnay in restaurants, I thought it was pretty good. I've stopped ordering wine in restaurants because I am often served something, regardless of cost, that is just plain, well, to put it politely, swill.

Now, when I eat out, I order a cocktail, or two.  Much more likely to get something pleasurably drinkable.

Back to Winking Owl, we thought it was fine, and the label was cute.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Olay Regenerist at Costco with Finally More Serious SPF

Ever since I signed a contract with my dermatologist saying I would always use a moisturizer with 50 SPF in the summer and 30 SPF in the winter, I haven't been able to use my favorite moisturizer, the Olay Total Effects that I wrote about before.  Costco has had no suitable substitute.

So I was thrilled a couple weeks ago, when my local West Nashville Costco stocked the Olay Regenerist 30 SPF.  I'm going to ignore that the price tag ended in 7, which usually means the product is on its way out and on sale. I hope that this product is here for the long term.

I've been using the Olay Regenerist SPF 30 for a couple weeks, and I like it and can't tell a difference from the Olay Regenerist 50 SPF that I was using.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Halloween Costumes at Costco

Last year, my granddaughter changed her mind about what she wanted to be for Halloween.  My daughter-in-law had purchased last year's costume from an on-line retailer, and returning it was not practical.

This year, my granddaughter's costume came from Costco.  By purchasing from Costco, the outfit can be returned at the last minute.  But my granddaughter hasn't wavered in her choice.

Her older sister is going as Alice....

Monday, October 24, 2016

Grandpa's Birthday Bash

I'm glad I didn't start buying the Costco Fleming's gift cards in the summer.  I was going to buy $100 at a time and work my way up to the circa $800 that a dinner at Flemings would have cost.  

We did Flemings two years ago, and I wrote in the blog about what a great decision that was.  This year, instead, at Grandpa's request, we opted for staying home and getting pizza.  (The Fleming's gift cards are no longer in my store but still available from Costco on-line.)

We used a party room in Grandpa's apartment building, bought disposable plates, glasses, tablecloths, and silverware from Costco.  The Asti and Pinot Noir wines and Yuengling beer came from Costco. Probably should have gotten the pepperoni pizzas there, too.  

Here's Bob (Jacques) with some of the party ware:

Of course, I have plenty of paper goods left over.  The wine and beer seem to be gone....

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Back from Vacation; From Cusco to Costco

With the Christmas season starting, it's a great time to find new products at Costco!  And we're getting the gang back together to start the blog back up.

I didn't realize that Addicted to Costco hadn't been posting, which is such a loss, I'm not sure what's up with Kimberly, and I will try to find out.

I was happy to see Costco Wine Blog is still going strong, as is Costcotuu.

The photo explains my vacation a bit; instead of being at Costco, I've been as Cusco!  

On the right is my college roommate, Sam, Jacques didn't make this trip.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Blog on vacation

When I started this blog, Costvo had almost no presence on social media, and I was trying to learn about blogging. Both those things have changed.  

I may be back, but my interests have changed. I still love Costco, but have realized most of the fun shopping there is in finding the products by yourself.  Until later, thanks for reading.