Saturday, May 2, 2015

Phones at the Costco Kiosk

So maybe not everything is better from Costco. Perhaps buying a phone has gotten so complicated that Costco is just not the way to go. I have AT&T with an iPhone, and, for my last two phone upgrades, I wanted to buy from Costco, but I just couldn't make it work.  

Phone plans are so complicated now that  the representatives at the Costco kiosks can't understand all the features of all the plans of all the companies they represent.  I've been told point blank that Costco couldn't get AT&T to do something that I was able to get the AT&T store to do easily. I don't know if AT&T doesn't offer Costco customers the same benefits through the kiosks that they offer through their stores, but I suspect that they do not. 

Also, the new advertising campaign with the friendly spokesperson seems to be more than just lip service. Service was noticeably improved at the AT&T store I visited.

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  1. Losing track of time as I do, I had to check, the Apple iPhone 5S (that's what I use) was released September 20, 2013. I acquired one right after the release date. Funny, it seems much longer ago than that now. Since the advent of iPhones (which dramatically changed my phone/computer usage ever after), I have pretty much replaced each phone on a two year basis which more or less matched Apple coming out with a new product which motivated me to act. This year? I don't know. And I don't hear urgings from our household technology czarina. Yet.