Sunday, May 17, 2015

Apple Watch

I've had my Aapple watch for almost a month, and I like it.  Because I'm of a certain age, I was used to wearing a watch and that part is not new, (for some reviewers even wearing a watch is new) but the extra functions of the apple watch are new.

My favorite function so far is Apple pay. I have never figured out Apple pay on my iPhone, but, on the watch, Apple pay is simple and much faster than cash or credit. I just hold the watch over the scanner and click a side button twice. Cashiers usually look startled at how simple it is. I've read that Apple is asking retailers that sell Apple products to take Apple pay, and I very much wish Costco would.

Texting is the other function I like. You won't like watch texting If you don't like being constantly accessible, texts come on the watch and the natural tendency is to respond immediately.  The reply option on the watch includes canned responses, emojis and voice recognition. As other reviewers have said, voice recognition works much better on the watch than on the Apple phone, so it's possible to text efficiently from the watch.

To me, the exercise interface is not as good as the Fitbit.  I only checked the steps on the Fitbit and that measurement is slightly hidden on the watch.

On the plus side, the watch is much less creepy than Google Glass, which I had, tried, and passed on to my son.

So far, I'm an Apple watch user, haven't felt like leaving it at home yet.

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