Saturday, April 11, 2015

Daydream Tulip Bulbs from Costco

I bought these Daydream tulip bulbs from Costco last fall, I think they cost about $15.00 for 50.  Because I'm all about matchy-matchy, I planned the color to go with terra cotta tiles on the roof and pillows on the front rockers.

I was clear that I didn't want yellow, for yellow I would have chosen daffodils, so, if not furious, I was at least mildly put out that the bulbs came up bright yellow. Thinking the yellow bulbs had gotten mistakenly packed in the Daydream tulip bag, I was within hours of returning the bag for my money back, when the yellow tulips began to turn color!  

You can see this phenomenon in the photo. Once again, a Costco product was ahead of me and delivered even more than I expected. The frequency with which this happens is actually kind of embarrassing 

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  1. So, when do the pillows start to change color? :-)