Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Live Comfortably Dacron/Cotton Mattress Pad at Costco

I'm very happy with my new LIve Comfortably Platinum mattress pad, which was a product sent to me by the manufacturer with a request for a review. My old pad was 100 cotton. The replacement is 100 cotton (400 thread count) but has Dacron fill.  You can see from the photo that it fits a deep (18 inch) mattress.

I need to admit that I have a loving relationship with Dacron. I was an extremely allergic child, and Dacron was one of the few materials that I could be around.

The puffy fill on the top of the pad are fluffier than my old mattress pad and more needed by my memory foam mattress which doesn't have the top padding that old-style mattresses have.

My Costco has these for $29.89, which seems inexpensive. The new Dacron fill mattress pad at Costco is an upgrade for me.

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