Monday, February 23, 2015

Pita Pal Balela Salad at Costco

I saw the Pita Pal Balela salad with chickpeas and black beans at my Nashville Costco and figured if we didn't like it, I could easily turn it into hummus, so I purchased. The tub is $7.99 for 38 oz. or 2.37 lbs.

We liked it, but not well enough to consume the entire tub, I did turn part of it into hummus, using 2 cups of the mixture, blended in a Cuisinart with 1/4 cup each of tahini, olive oil, and water, but the resulting hummus was too spicy and a little tummy upsetting for me.  (I didn't try it on Jacques, who's not a huge hummus fan to begin with.)

I think if you eat a great deal of Middle Eastern food and are not bothered by raw onions, you would like this.  The large container is hard for a small family to consume, but, for a large party, this would be a nice side dish.

It's organic, but I'm not at the point where I care about that.

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