Monday, January 5, 2015

Photo Books at Costco

The favorite present we gave this Christmas was the photo books.  We used local photographer, Nikki Mckinzie, to do formal sittings with both our families and assembled the photos into two large 12" by 12" Costco produced photo books. 

After uploading the photos from the CD Nikki gave us and following the photo book program on the Costco website, we received the books at our local Costco photo center in about a week..  

For the number of photos we had, the 12" by 12" book was the best choice. The smaller size books have more pages and require more photographs. Cost for the larger book is $34.99.

People loved these. We thought the great grandparents and the young kids would like them, but were surprised by how much the in-between found them a fun gift.

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  1. We were lucky to have great photos by Nikki to start with, but the 12x12 book really shows them well - the bigger size is the way to go. This is a hard cover book, and gives a classy, substantial presentation. A big hit with everyone, a highlight of the holidays.....