Sunday, October 26, 2014

Costco and Fleming's for the Win

I'm going to brag about my Dad's 95 birthday dinner, which we held at Fleming's Steakhouse.

I had decided on Fleming's and was reading on-line reviews for ordering suggestions.  One reviewer mentioned that Costco carries Flemings gift cards at $80 for $100.  I figured there had to be a catch. I imagined only being able to use one, or not being able to use the card for alcohol.

I did not have any problems using multiple cards.

Fleming's served my Costco birthday cake, which I had pre-ordered, and brought over that afternoon. I had special candles. Fleming's first presented the cake with candles, then cut and served it at the table.

At my request, Fleming's printed menus without prices, even printing children's menus, which I didn't expect.  

I was so proud of the little girls, who behaved with great sophistication, only having to safari to the ladies room three times.

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  1. The food, wine, atmosphere...and the company were all superb. This capped off a wonderful weekend gathering that she put together - and made it look effortless.