Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dark Chocolate Enrobed Mangoes at Costco

If you're mourning the disappearance of the chocolate covered almonds and cherries at Costco, these Dark Chocolate Enrobed Mangoes might work for you. I'm finding Dark Chocolate Enrobed Mangoes are assuaging my sorrow pretty well - maybe too well. I can control how many I eat at one time, kind of. The bag says three pieces equal about 190 calories.

Perhaps the best ingredient is the Barry Callebaut chocolate. Barry Callebaut, publicly traded on the SIX, the Swiss stock exchange, as BARN, is the largest chocolate manufacturer in the world, so no wonder the excellent quality of the chocolate.

The mangoes come from the Philippines, the finished product is assembled in Canada, and the company, "nature's intent", lists Venice, California as location, (although "nature's intent" was organized in New York city and incorporated in Delaware).  

The Barry Callebaut website is a source of free chocolate recipes.


  1. They are delicious however the quality is inconsistent. There is the occasional coarse fibrous bit in the mangoes which is workable. Recent bag opened seemed to contain mangoes that were a little soft, a bit sugary, and not so tangy. They were not like the ones I had touted to friends who all enjoyed them very much, which were more the consistency of fruit leather, not at all sugary, and having a nice tang to complement the chocolate. I tried to contact the mfgr to object but your blog is the best I could find...john b.

    1. My store doesn't have them any more, which makes me sad. I didn't know about quality issues.

    2. I have been to 4 Costco's in the Santa Clara Ca county and they are all gone😒 Costco get them back on the shelf!

  2. No longer on available at any Costco in the San Jose area😒 I hope they come back soon.