Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Buying the iPhone 6 or 6 plus

Like many other folks, I've been trying to figure out if, and when, I need a new iPhone 6 and the best place to purchase. 

In the past few months, I've been happy with ATT because the new Family Share plan is a big savings for me, so I was ready to re-up with ATT...until....

I ordered an iPhone plus directly from Apple the day the phones premiered on-line, but a few days later I got a text from ATT:  

Upgrading on a 2-year wireless agreement increases the Mobile Share Value smartphone access charge for this line to $40/mo. Other charges apply. To learn how to keep your Mobile Share Value discount or for more details, visit

What?  You mean, in addition to paying for the phone, the bill goes up?  In addition to the cost of the phone, the monthly service cost increases and that increase goes on forever?
After research, I decided the best alternative was to buy the phone outright, which, even though expensive would be cheaper. I was surprised to discover that on-line from Apple or in the Costco store, I couldn't buy an iPhone outright. 


My understanding is that the Costco price is $20 cheaper than elsewhere, and, at Costco, an accesory pack, including a car charger, comes free, so, if you're ready to pull the trigger on the new iPhone, Costco might be your best bet.

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