Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Nashville State Starts in Two Weeks:

I'm excited and nervous, getting ready to register for my fall classes at Nashville State. Seniors here in Nashville can audit classes at the technical institutes for free. This summer, I took Photoshop, which was much more difficult than I had imagined. Last spring, I took Introduction to Photography, and, last fall, HTML, and History of Photography.

Upcoming fall term, I'm hoping to audit Black and White Photography, which requires a black and white film camera. Luckily, my son held on to the one we purchased for him 15 years ago for a college photography class.  The camera wasn't new back then and has manual rewind and manual advance. 

As my son was showing me how it worked, he explained the entire content of my photography class in 15 minutes. At Nashville State I had learned about shutter speed, aperture and iso, so I could keep nodding as my son explained: "And the shutter speed, that's...."

He must think his mom is a pretty quick study. 

Even though I grew up with manual cameras, I found myself trying to snap photos without doing the manual rewind after every shot. So unused to thinking about film. 

When I took the film camera to have the sensor cleaned: "Ma'am," the technician said, "this is a FILM camera...."


"Well, film cameras don't have sensors...they have film."


Considering my beginner status, I'm amazed and happy with the first shots.  

These are from the 404 Kitchen, a local restaurant where we had an excellent meal, and a hilarious time, (sometimes, but not always, mutually exclusive). 

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