Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Toast! At last!

Here at the house, we have had inferior toast production for a year and a half. When my dad moved to Nashville, I lent him my toaster and, to compensate, I pulled out the little toaster oven, which used to make OK toast about 25 years ago, but in 2014, the toast function didn't work.

I discovered that, if, instead of the toast function, I used the oven function, the bread got brown and dried out, sort of like toast.  Of course, with no automatic shut off, I had to continually check the little oven to make sure the toast wasn't burning. I learned that different types of bread take different amounts of cooking time, but I never was able to set a timer accurately enough to conquer toast.  More than one piece had to be tossed out because of burnt edges or completely charcoal-ed exterior.

I kept checking Costco for a white toaster. All the toasters have been stainless steel, and my appliances are white. I guess almost everyone wants stainless steel now, but, finally, Costco had a white toaster on deep discount.

Here is my new 4-slice Cuisinart toaster, which can make regular toast in all shades, or toast only on one side. I can still remember my x-father-in-law getting angry with me because I made toasted cheese by toasting the bread first instead of browning on one side, the correct way.  One-sided toasting is also preferred for bagels.

I paid $19.97 for my new toaster. Nashville Costco had a bunch,  On the Internet these Cuisinarts sell
For around $50.00. 

I had four slices of toast yesterday. I'm going to have to cut back.

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