Sunday, July 27, 2014

5 Best Places to Eat Lunch in Nashville (Granny Style)

I've been asked by for my list of the best places to eat in Nashville.  My dinner list would look like everyone else's- City House, Josephine's, 404 Kitchen, Husk, Etch... (if I left yours off, I haven't eaten there yet).  But grandmothers are economical, and like to eat lunch, which is cheaper than dinner. And grandmothers, like me, might be retired, and might have time to mosy around after lunch and look around, so here are my lunch picks:

Frist Cafe: At the wonderful, art deco, Frist Museum the food is good, and the restored old building is marvelous. The museum is worth a trip just to see the building even if no exhibit catches your fancy. If you're traveling with grandchildren, the hands-on art room upstairs is a very fun place to visit.

Pineapple Room at Cheekwood:  Harder to recommend because if you're not a Cheekwood member, you have to pay to get into Cheekwood, a significant extra expense. The food is ladies-who-lunch fare, salads, light sandwiches, but fresh and well prepared. If you've never seen Cheekwood, the house that Maxwell House Coffee built, you need to visit. This beautiful 1930's mansion is now an art museum and the grounds are a botanical garden.

Etch:  This restaurant has some of the best food of the group, the food is truly wonderful, and also has valet parking, which is great because Etch is located downtown right across from the symphony hall. Let the valet park your car, and, after lunch, go explore Lower Broadway.  Be sure to see the symphony hall, but also cross over the pedestrian bridge for a Nashville photo opportunity.

Capitol Grill: This restaurant, in the historic Hermitage Hotel, also has excellent food.  Don't leave without seeing the men's restroom, often on the best restrooms of America list. Afterwards, cross Memorial Plaza, the state legislature meeting rooms are underneath this open square, and visit the pre-Civil War state capitol and an Andrew Jackson statue identical to the one in Jackson Square in New Orleans..

Thistle Stop Cafe:  This cafe serves fresh salads and sandwiches, but, also, this is a great place to eat because of the extraordinary mission of the cafe, to be a learning lab for women who are working to turn their lives around.  This is another enterprise of the same group that developed the Thistle Farms cosmetics line.

So many fun places, so much to do in Nashville. What's your favorite place to lunch? 

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  1. Calypso Cafe, M L Rose West, the Goldrush, McCabe's Pub and Local Taco - all on the west side, more or less.