Monday, June 23, 2014

Outdoor Picnic Blanket from Costco

I bought this Outdoor Blanket from Costco to go to Bluebird on the Mountain.

At Bluebird on the Mountain, tickets are by the car; the trick is to come early, get in line with your car, tailgate, enter Dyer Observatory when the gate opens, and let out the Scout. 

Someone has to be the Scout, getting out of the car and claiming a site as close to the front and center of the stage as possible. Meanwhile, the others, loaded up with chairs, food, bug spray, and tables, trek to whatever spot the Scout claims.

Our Scout Saturday was Bonnie, who did a great job, aided by this Outdoor Blanket from Costco. 

At Bluebird on the Mountain, one must maintain civilities and claim the exactly right amount of space. The Outdoor Blanket does this by not being over-large, 60" by 70", a size that made the perfect "floor" for our picnic table. Eight of us fit around it easily.

In contrast to most picnic blankets, the Outdoor Blanket has a water resistant side, and a carrying strap. The fabric is stiff and seems like an effective bug barrier. Unfortunately, if it gets really cold, this would not be a good blanket for snuggling. Not a problem right now in Nashville.

I paid just under $20.00 at my Nashville Costco. 

The composite photo is made up of two of friend Jan's photos, but I don't know the nice family at the top, I added that photo from the Outdoor Blanket tag.

I can't mention Bluebird on the Mountain without praising this great series of songwriter concerts.  This month we heard Tom Douglas, Gretchen Peters and Steve Seskin, and they were wonderful. 

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