Monday, June 9, 2014

Farro (Spelt) for Sale at Costco

My Costco has organic Italian Pedon Farro (spelt) on sale for $4.97 for 3 pounds. Spelt is an old variety of wheat, a very old variety, according to the packaging, eaten by the Roman Legion.  It tastes kind of healthy to me, very similar to brown rice. Flavor is slightly nutty but mostly bland; I would use it in place of rice, pasta or potatoes. I'm sure it's much better for you than white rice, white bread or white potatoes.

The packaging has imprecise directions, which might have something to do with this item ending up on sale:

Use plenty of water, bring to a boil, add farro, reduce heat and cook for 25-30 minutes.  

The directions would horrify most American cookbook writers, who are urged to sound like chemists in their precision, but I loved them!

I found that 5 cups of water to 2 cups of spelt simmered for 30 minutes worked fine, but made LOTS. One cup of uncooked farro would have been plenty for two people. I added salt, pepper and butter and served it as a side dish with salmon and broccoli.
The recipe on the packaging suggests a bacon, marinara, Parmesan cheese, and black olive dish; I'm going to try that next.

Check your Costco soon, it's not going to last at this price.

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  1. The first time I ever had Farro was in Italy. I liked the taste very much, and can't remember how it was prepared.