Monday, June 23, 2014

Outdoor Picnic Blanket from Costco

I bought this Outdoor Blanket from Costco to go to Bluebird on the Mountain.

At Bluebird on the Mountain, tickets are by the car; the trick is to come early, get in line with your car, tailgate, enter Dyer Observatory when the gate opens, and let out the Scout. 

Someone has to be the Scout, getting out of the car and claiming a site as close to the front and center of the stage as possible. Meanwhile, the others, loaded up with chairs, food, bug spray, and tables, trek to whatever spot the Scout claims.

Our Scout Saturday was Bonnie, who did a great job, aided by this Outdoor Blanket from Costco. 

At Bluebird on the Mountain, one must maintain civilities and claim the exactly right amount of space. The Outdoor Blanket does this by not being over-large, 60" by 70", a size that made the perfect "floor" for our picnic table. Eight of us fit around it easily.

In contrast to most picnic blankets, the Outdoor Blanket has a water resistant side, and a carrying strap. The fabric is stiff and seems like an effective bug barrier. Unfortunately, if it gets really cold, this would not be a good blanket for snuggling. Not a problem right now in Nashville.

I paid just under $20.00 at my Nashville Costco. 

The composite photo is made up of two of friend Jan's photos, but I don't know the nice family at the top, I added that photo from the Outdoor Blanket tag.

I can't mention Bluebird on the Mountain without praising this great series of songwriter concerts.  This month we heard Tom Douglas, Gretchen Peters and Steve Seskin, and they were wonderful. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

New Kirkland Signature Ultra Soft Toilet Paper at Costco

It could be embarrassing blogging about toilet paper.

But the new Costco Kirkland Signature Ultra Soft toilet paper is worth it.

The new paper is embossed with a flower that looks something like a stylized cherry blossom and is more expensive per sheet than other Kirkland toilet paper. I paid $14.99 for the pack. But the difference between the new paper and the old paper is as great as the difference between standard motel bath towels and four-star hotel towels.

I like the regular Costco toilet paper and have no problems with it, but the new Ultra Soft would be the type of toilet paper you could imagine making into a wedding dress  I know the toilet paper wedding dress contest is sponsored by Charmin, but this Kirkland Ultra Soft paper almost feels like cloth rather than paper.

My advice: If you have to make a wedding dress out of toilet paper, use Kirkland Signature Ultra Soft.

And if small luxuries, that cost almost nothing more than the regular product, can make your day better, I say go for it. Pun intended.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Costco Carrying Apple Again!

I was pretty excited to see Apple iTunes gift cards back in Costco.  Costco's split from Apple in 2010 made me sad; I'm a huge consumer of Apple products,

I wonder if Apple and Costco have other plans in the works. Wouldn't it be great if Costco sells the new iphone 6?!  Or the watch that's supposed to be coming out at the same time, maybe September. 

I'm hoping these gift cards are the beginning of a great renewed partnership. The discounted price is great. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Farro (Spelt) for Sale at Costco

My Costco has organic Italian Pedon Farro (spelt) on sale for $4.97 for 3 pounds. Spelt is an old variety of wheat, a very old variety, according to the packaging, eaten by the Roman Legion.  It tastes kind of healthy to me, very similar to brown rice. Flavor is slightly nutty but mostly bland; I would use it in place of rice, pasta or potatoes. I'm sure it's much better for you than white rice, white bread or white potatoes.

The packaging has imprecise directions, which might have something to do with this item ending up on sale:

Use plenty of water, bring to a boil, add farro, reduce heat and cook for 25-30 minutes.  

The directions would horrify most American cookbook writers, who are urged to sound like chemists in their precision, but I loved them!

I found that 5 cups of water to 2 cups of spelt simmered for 30 minutes worked fine, but made LOTS. One cup of uncooked farro would have been plenty for two people. I added salt, pepper and butter and served it as a side dish with salmon and broccoli.
The recipe on the packaging suggests a bacon, marinara, Parmesan cheese, and black olive dish; I'm going to try that next.

Check your Costco soon, it's not going to last at this price.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Movie Frozen and Pre-schoolers

In about 15 years, I think there will be a strong feminine audience for Broadway.  

My Brooklyn granddaughter's entire pre-school class sang Frozen's Let It Be, with emotion, at pre-school graduation. My other granddaughter, in Detroit, loves the story and its music, too.  

My doctor here in Nashville told me his grandson got in an altercation with a little girl playing at his house.  After separating them, he asked the little girl what was wrong.  "Sam wasn't listening to THE song," she said.

My Costco seems to be sold out of the movie. I'm going to get a copy myself as soon as it's back.