Sunday, May 25, 2014

Embarrassing but True Costco Exchange Experience

We ended up exchanging the Mignone dresses because the sparkles came off the first time they were washed. Costco, of course, had no problem taking the dresses back.

However, five year old granddaughter loved the Mignone dresses so much, at her urging, we bought another sparkle dress and are treating it as the finest lingerie - delicate, gentle hand washing only!  

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  1. Not embarrassing at all! I would have also returned it if the sparkles came off and request a replacement. which is pretty much what you did, you got a refund on the defective missing sparkly dress and got a replacement one that will be hand washed now (at the very least, they should have said on the care label that it should be gently hand washed or something!) .