Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bluebird on the Mountain, Ravinia, and my new Costco Wagon

A few years ago, maybe ten, Bob and I and a group of friends attended Ravinia in the Chicago suburbs. At Ravinia, an outdoor concert venue, I think we heard the Chicago Symphony, but I know we saw sophisticated city folk with elegant picnics sitting under the stars listening to music.

The music was lovely, but what impressed me most was the elegant picnics, at least one of which included a candelabra, white tablecloth, and candles. 

With the memory of Ravinia, I had a reference to approach Bluebird on the Mountain, a local Nashville tradition. Bluebird on the Mountain combines the Bluebird Cafe and the Dyer Observatory of Vanderbilt University in a series of six open-air songwriter concerts. Picnics are the rule. I've been waiting for this for ten years.

Along with the picnic, I packed a handful of Costco flameless candles and purchased, and this is what was INCREDIBLY SMART, if I do say so myself, a collapsable wagon purchased at Costco for $58.

The candles were a nice touch, but the wagon was perfect for transporting wine, food, blankets, and chairs over the uneven terrain.  I am SURE the sight of us pulling the wagon sold many other wagons.  One man even said , "I've been thinking about getting one of those, and now I'm going to." 

We heard Wendell Mobley, Neil Thrasher, and Andrew Pates, who've written songs for Jason Aldean and
Rascal Flats.

The schedule for the rest of the summer is:

June 21st: Tom Douglas, Steve Seskin, TBA
July 26th: Marshall Altman, Dylan Altman, Amy Grant, 
Gabe Dixon
Aug 16th: Victoria Banks, Dave Berg, Roger Cook
Sept 20th: The Waymores
Oct 4th: Jeff Black, Kim Richey, Jack Tempchin

I'll be bringing my candles and wagon!

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  1. I still think we can add candelabra. :-)