Thursday, April 17, 2014

LaLicious Sugar Kiss Souffle Scrub at Costco

I saw LaLicious Sugar Kiss Souffle Scrub at my Nashville Costco for $20.00 and thought about trying it, but didn't.  A week later I saw it in Spartanburg, SC, Costco for $14.99 and had to try it.

At check-out, the women on the register told me it was wonderful, and I agree.  They also indicated that it was a great price, and that's true too.  On the Internet I saw it usually for around $30.00; although, that big on-line retailer with free shipping has it for $25.00.   

This is the stuff my pedicure place rubs in your legs if you get more than a "basic" pedicure.  I like the smell, and it not only exfoliates, but works as a moisturizer as well.   I bought another jar on my way back through Spartanburg, because:

Unfortunately, the posted price has that tell-tale little Costco asterisk in the upper corner that implies the product will not be back.  I hate it when I find a product at Costco, learn to love it, and then it disappears, which happens ALL THE TIME.  Then I have to end up paying full price somewhere else.  (I guess it's good for products to try to get into Costco for even a short time, as I'm sure this happens to everyone.)

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