Sunday, March 30, 2014

Random Costco News of the Week: Peanut Butter Outrage

The latest Costco "outrage" is peanut butter that's ending up in a landfill in New Mexico. It seems that Costco's old supplier of peanut butter, the Sunland plant that caused the Costco peanut butter outage last year by exposing the Kirkland peanut butter to salmonella, has again produced an unacceptable product.  

The plant went bankrupt, but was given a chance to recover by producing another batch of peanut butter for Costco. Using Costco peanuts, the plant produced jars that leaked. Costco refused to accept the leaky jars and demanded that they be destroyed.  

An attempt to create a point and shriek, "it's so terrible" news story has been occurring (similar to the non-story about the mislabeling of Costco Bibles). These point and shreik news stories have centered on the waste caused by destroying the leaky jars, implying that the faulty product should have been given to food banks.  To me, a faulty product is a faulty product and should not be given away.  I think Costco made the right call on this.

In all, $2.6 million dollars worth of peanut butter, 58 truckloads, approximately 25 tons of peanut butter were placed in a landfill.  

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