Monday, March 3, 2014

Costco Photo Coupons, Samsung nx2000, Nashville State Photography Class, and Fastnacht Day!

Perhaps you remember when I posted about buying a mirrorless Samsung nx2000 camera at Costco.  I hope you've noticed that my photographs are getting better.  I think they are.  This semester I'm taking a class at Nashville State Community College that is teaching me how to use my new camera.  

Here's a photo I took when I didn't understand that the assignment was to photograph a background lighter than the subject.

And here's a photo I took when I did the correct assignment, which was to photograph the subject against a light background.

Costco Photo Coupons

I have made a point to use the Costco photo coupons that came with the camera and with the Photoshop software I bought at Costco. These coupons give 50 free prints, so I have made hard-copy prints of my best class photos.   If you have these Costco photo coupons hanging around, don't throw them away, I was told that the Costco photo coupons don't expire.

And, by the way: Happy Mardi Gras! or Shrove Tuesday! or Fastnacht Day!

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