Monday, February 17, 2014

Sakroot Boots by the Sak at Costco

I feel a dilemma writing about a product that is no longer available at Costco. This time, due to the circumstances of this unsolicited testimonial, I am blogging about these Sakroots boots in the hope Costco brings them back or in case these boots are still available at your store.

I first blogged about these boots September 1, 2013. Back then, I had just bought a pair for my daughter, they cost about $20.00, seemed fun and a good buy.  At that time, neither of us anticipated that the boots would get the work-out they have.  My daughter lives in Brooklyn and works in Manhattan.  In case you haven't followed the weather there, it's been horrible.  My daughter hasn't moved her car in weeks. Here's what my daughter had to say about the boots:

So far this season, they have gotten me through 2 blizzards, 2 polar vortexes, and more

- feet are totally toasty warm and dry (faux fur lined!)

- good traction on the soles.

- I had to walk 25 blocks in the last blizzard when a track fire shut down my subway line and my feet were totally comfortable trudging through the ice, rain, and snow - no blisters! 

- totally worth the price, whatever we paid.

Please, Costco, keep it up with the boots. (I like my black shearling ones, too!)

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