Saturday, February 1, 2014

President Obama visits Costco and Nashville: Random Costco News of the Week

Gridlock vs. Google+

Perhaps the biggest Costco news this week was that President Obama visited the Prince George's, Maryland, Costco to advocate for a raise in the minimum wage.  

Coincidentally, President Obama visited Nashville Thursday.

I'm sure for many people the major experience of these visits was massive traffic jams.  I got caught in the Nashville jam, and, even though I know these visits are important (I guess), when you're stuck in gridlock, you wish he could just Skype it in. 

As I was refining my Presidential Skype-it-in idea, President Obama or his staff had a similar idea because, the day after the Nashville visit, President Obama had a Google+ hangout "road trip", which seemed to work great

For the massive amount of petroleum used in the trips, not only by Air Force One, but also by all those cars idling in traffic (like mine) and all the wasted time, not only the motorists', but also the President's, these trips seem wasteful and antiquated.  They give me the same feeling I get when I go into a library and seeing all the outmoded content delivery devices. 

Kidding. I guess.

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