Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Costco Baby Carrots

I've posted before about Costco baby carrots.  I like them, but there are just too darn many of them.  At some point, they just have to be thrown away and replaced.  I know our grandmothers kept root vegetables in root cellars all winter long, but there are some advantages to living in modern times, and one of them is not eating withered carrots.  

I decided my current Costco baby carrot bag had endured long enough, so I shredded several handfuls and made a carrot salad with raisins and balsamic vinegar.   

After Food Blog South, I'm conscious of not giving recipes unless they're done very correctly, so I won't claim this is a recipe, it's more a suggestion: Shred a bunch of carrots, throw in a hand full of raisins, add some balsamic vinegar and lots of salt.  

To me, this is better than an oily dressing, but, if you don't like sour, Replace the balsamic with mayonnaise.

The rest of the carrots went off the back deck, and today I saw a squirrel running up the big elm tree (yes, elm!) carrying a carrot in his mouth.  

I'll replace the carrots soon, maybe not this week, or month, but soon.

(The Cuisinart in the photo came from Costco a few years ago.)  


  1. You can also boil them up with some chicken broth and parsnips and make a puree.

    1. I'm going to remember this for next time, because there will be a next time.

    2. Right now I'm working on using the big bag of red peppers from Costco, and 2 pounds of baby spinach, and a rotisserie usual, I overbought!

    3. I almost bought the peppers today. And I have LOTS of celery.

    4. Often I dice my carrots and freeze them for soups. I live in the midwest, so there's always a soup recipe or two in my rotation and they all take carrots.

    5. I'm feeling really guilty about the carrots I threw out, but the squirrels loved them!!