Sunday, January 12, 2014

Nashville Food Bloggers: Bamboo Cheese Board at Costco

Nashville Food Bloggers met Sunday for a party, potluck and white elephant gift exchange. Fabulous cooks brought dishes from their kitchens.  While I can cook, I'm no Cook, so I decided to bring a side dish to compliment the food.  

Over Christmas, Costco carried many appetizers.  I very much wanted to try the olive assortment, or some of the many charcuterie choices.  But when I visited my Costco this week, these items had disappeared.

For several months, I'd been considering the bamboo cheese tray with cheese cutters, now on sale for $9.97 at my Costco. I decided the party was a great excuse to purchase that. 

While some of the bloggers make their own feta and mozzarella,  I figured no one would be contributing hard cheeses. I chose Kirkland Cheddar, Asiago and Manchego. 

The caved-aged Vermont cheddar was $11.99 a pound.

I paid $5.99 a pound for the Asiago. The packaging of the Asiago had a QR code which linked to a Costco website where I discovered that the milk producers for this Wisconsin cheese live a maximum of 51 miles from the plant.

The manchego was $7.99 a pound and is a product of Spain.

I brought leftovers home, which I froze.  

Some love Asiago, but it's not my favorite.  I thought the manchego was very good. But the cheddar was excellent and deserved the most expensive price.  


  1. The cheese board was on sale? Like, discount? I thought they never did that! Though I don't need one. I have two already!

    1. I have a bunch, but I liked the hidden compartment for the cutlery. I don't have a really good excuse.

      At Costco, if a price ends in 7, the item is on sale. If it ends in 00, it's on final discount.

  2. A variety of leftover cheese is a nice bonus from this blog - but would be enhanced by a good cracker to go with same (shameless hint from large rodent).