Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Costco Tulips

Fresh flowers from Costco are a good buy; but, now, so are forced bulbs. My Costco in Nashville has forced tulips in glass jars for $10.99 in yellow, red and purple. I buy these every year and save the jar for forcing Paperwhites in the fall.  

The price, $10.99, is inexpensive for flowers, and, by reusing the jars in the fall, this becomes an even better purchase.

The trick is buying these when they first arrive, before the tulips are in bloom. Put them in strong natural light. Otherwise, they can get leggy or shaggy looking in the store. 

Bob's favorite flowers are tulips, so these always seem a little Valentine-y and that makes them even more fun.  Our winter in Nashville has been colder than usual; it's currently 3 degrees, so live flowers are especially welcome this year. 


  1. I've been enjoying some forced Tulip bulbs in purple - love them! Do you have any aftercare instructions? Mine had a website for aftercare recommendations, but I threw away the sheet with the website on it? And, of course I can't remember the website. Help! www.thecultureofdesign.com xx

  2. I keep they in filtered sunlight and make sure they don't dry out. In my experience, once they've finished blooming you need to throw the bulbs away, but save the jar and plastic "shelf" for Paperwhite forcing in the fall.