Sunday, December 15, 2013

Plastic Packaging: Danger to Elder Skin

At times the plastic packaging that surrounds the smaller Costco items is easy to open.  The plastic around the edges isn't too thick, and the packages can be opened easily with a scissors.

But sometimes the packaging is dangerous.

Today, I bought an item with extremely thick packaging, not only sealed on the edges, but also sealed in the middle with plastic dots that made it extremely difficult to open.  Perhaps this wouldn't have been a problem for you, but for older people (like me) it is. We have very thin skin. The more time spent wrestling with sharp plastic packaging, the greater the chance for a serious cut. I've received painful cuts this way. 

The difference between the thick and thin plastic packaging seems to be the weight of the item being sold. The heavy plastic is necessary when heavier items are packaged with multiple parts; otherwise the package becomes too floppy. 

I want to suggest, for heavier items, a box would be better. Even if, for the manufacturer, plastic is cheaper, opening the heavy plastic is not safe for older folks.  As the population ages, maybe the danger from this heavy plastic packaging will be acknowledged. I suppose this is not solely a Costco problem.

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