Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dark Chocolate as Health Food (Costco Product Review and Rant)

I've always loved and preferred dark chocolate. Now that chocolates are good for us, here come the weird-ass (I apologize for this language, there's not another phrase that captures my feelings so perfectly) products using dark chocolate as medicine or "health food".

It's true that if you live long enough science discovers that something previously unhealthy is suddenly healthy and vice versa.  We were warned against aspirin back in the '70's and urged to use Tylenol. Now aspirin is good for you and Tylenol comes with warnings. I think. The same thing has happened back and forth with coffee, and now with chocolate.

I've always preferred dark chocolate candy, wrapped around a caramel or butter cream, over a dried fruit or pecan, layered with milk chocolate, candy you might find in a See's candy box.

I've posted about the chocolate covered cherries and almonds in Costco; and, before now, these never had the whiff of health food to me, but now I'm wondering if the chocolate covered cherries and almonds were the scouts for this invasion of dark chocolate health food pervading the store.  

To be more specific, I bought dark chocolate covered almonds last week that I expected would be wonderful and discovered they were infused with such a strong flavor of coconut (which is another currently favored "healthy" food) that I had to take them back. The coconut aftertaste was terrible. I might have over-reacted a little when explaining my return because the woman at the Costco return desk said, "Tell me how you really feel."  I love Costco for allowing returns on products that don't please.  

I should have learned my lesson; but, that day, I bought dark chocolate covered dried "super" fruit, $8.99 for 2 lbs at the West Nashville Costco.  The fruits are Bing cherries, cranberries and blueberries. I still hadn't figured out that dark chocolate is now code for "healthy, like a vitamin supplement", although there is almost no vitamin content according to the package. The dried fruit taste is better than the coconut almonds, no awful aftertaste, but definitely not as good as the Almond Cherry Clusters.

Costco is wonderful at having products at the exact moment, or before, people want them.  I'll be glad when the "healthy dark chocolate" movement is over.

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  1. Snort. She said "weird-ass."

    And where's the Gelato and Peppermint Bark? :-)