Monday, December 2, 2013

Costco Pumpkin Rolls (Bakery)

These pumpkin rolls with cream cheese filling, located back by the Costco bakery, come in packs of three. I paid $12.99 at my Nashville store.

Last week, when I was in the Costco checkout line, I was behind a woman buying five packs of these (fifteen pumpkin rolls).  I've given up being shy about asking people to account for the contents of their shopping carts. She told me the pumpkin rolls were wonderful, would freeze, and were loved by everyone. She has a shop and keeps them around during the holiday season to serve to customers and staff.  I had to try them.

Bob and I ate one roll right away. Since then, I've taken one to a baby unveiling at Carol's (her new grandchild from Asheville was visiting), and I have one frozen for later in the holidays.  

To me, the frozen one was even better than the fresh. I froze these by cutting the thick cardboard under the rolls with a scissors to make a "plate" and then making a loose tent over each pastry with foil. To thaw, I placed in the fridge overnight. Too long in the freezer might cause some damage; my package was not completely airtight because of the fancy cream on top.

Transporting was easy because it had its own base. Once at Carol's, it fit on a dinner plate, so plating wasn't a hassle

The pumpkin roll in the picture has already had several slices removed. Most everyone does seem to like these.


  1. I tried a slice, as I love just about anything with pumpkin spice. Here are my thoughts. The cream cheese in the middle tasted good, the cake had too much clove, not enough pumpkin taste and the icing was too sweet. I liked the size of the rolls.