Monday, November 18, 2013

Maclaren Strollers at Costco

I was surprised to see Maclaren strollers at the Nashville Costco. I wouldn't even know about Maclaren strollers if my daughter didn't live in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  In Park Slope, an extravagant (to me) stroller is part of life. Perhaps it's because of all the walking. Here, if you go to the store, you ride in the climate controlled car, but everywhere there involves a walk outside, and the weather is different. Protection from the elements can be a big issue up north; and the Maclaren has a little roof.  

Also, up there, lots of places are not handicapped accessible, and you have to be able to carry your stoller up steps. I was surprised at the lightness of the Maclaren. It reminded me of a well-engineered, upscale bicycle. 

Still, at $339.99, to me, it's expensive, and I wonder how well these will sell here in Nashville.  

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