Monday, November 4, 2013

Kirkland Paper Towels at Costco

I've posted about the controversy over Costco paper towels and the efforts that some have made to encourage Costco to make smaller, more environmentally friendly paper towels. My Costco now has the type of towels that people requested.

The previous towels were 85 sq. feet and 80 sheets; the new towels are 85 sq. feet and 160 sheets.  On the new towels, the word towel is in green.

I paid $14.99 for 12 of the new style, making the cost for these $1.23 a roll.  Comparing that to similar towels from Amazon, these are slightly cheaper.  

I'm using these now and trying to get used to the option of tearing off a smaller towel. It's all in the wrist.

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