Saturday, November 23, 2013

Random Costco News of the Week: Costco Bibles mislabeled as Fiction creates Point and Shriek Opportunity for Fox News

Bob often despairs about the point and shriek in today's news media.  This week Costco had an experience with the point-and-shriekers.

Fox News got hold of a story out of Simi Valley, California, where a minister noticed that some Bibles were labeled with a sales tag that said "Fiction".  

Reverend Kaltenbach seems to have started it all with this tweet:

His photo clearly showed that a second label had been put over the original label.  No story, right? Wrong!

Fox News confronted Costco, and when Costco replied, we don't do PR and it's obviously just a mistake, Fox News went ballistic: You can't treat us that way!! You have to pay attention to us!  Prostrate yourself before the great and powerful Fox News!

By the end of the week, Costco had figured out the game, humbled themselves before Fox News and was back in the good graces of the point-and-shriekers.  Fox News published what sounded like a self-parody on the incident.  I was appalled that "journalists" did this, seemed to take it seriously, and that it became national news.

The man who started it, Reverend Kaltenbach, is now distancing himself from the Fox News pile-on.  Here's a tweet from Reverend Kaltenbach, this tweet was NOT picked up by Fox News.

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