Thursday, October 17, 2013

Why are these recipes on your blog?

As I've mentioned before, I'm taking a class in HTML and CSS. One segment of that class is making a dummy website. (I am deliberately skipping any puns here, and you should too.)

In checking my work, my professor said, "Why are these recipes on your blog?  I thought it was about Costco." I told him that the recipes focus on products I buy at Costco, but I should have told him: Nope, my blog is about me.

Both Addicted to Costco and Costcotuu also focus on Costco, but, when they write about their personal lives, I like that as much or better.  

When my blog slips away from Costco, I try to mark those posts with the heading: "Not Costco Related" for people that don't want to read about my 50th High School Reunion or my fight on Twitter

The blog's subject matter may be a little unusual, and sometimes I wish my blog fell clearly into "mommy blog" or "food blog" or "craft blog" so I could participate more fully in the great support networks of those bloggers.  

I believe that Addicted to Costco, the Costco Wine Blog, Costco  CuisineCostcotuu and I need to form a Costco bloggers group; and, for a first meeting, I suggest using Costco travel to help us book a blogger meet-up someplace equidistant from us all.  Since we are all over the globe, figuring out a location would be fun.

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