Friday, October 11, 2013

Random Costco News of the Week: Salmon, Postage Stamps

Random Costco news of the week:


You may have heard about the blind taste test of farm raised vs wild salmon conducted by the Washington Post. In this test, frozen farmed Norwegian salmon from Costco beat all the fresh options, farm and wild.  (Other top winners were also farmed - a great surprise to everyone.) Trying to explain this unexpected result, one guess was that frozen fish from Costco might have won because it is infused with salt before freezing.

Which salmon is the more politically correct is complicated. While farms pollute, there is not enough wild salmon to meet demand and sustainability becomes an issue.  Here's an article that summarizes the complicated issues in salmon choice.

Postage Stamps

Micah Solomon wrote an editorial on Forbes about Costco's consistent customer service message. He points out that even Costco can't negotiate better rates with the US Post Office (I thought they had).  The discounted stamps ($45.75 instead of $46.00) at the check out are a loss leader to leave you with the message, Costco will do everything to get you the best prices. 

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