Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Olay Total Effects Moisturizer SPF 15 at Costco

A long time ago, before she retired (I'm so old all my doctors are retiring), my previous dermatologist told me to wear sunscreen: SPF 15 in summer and 50 in winter.   I never found a 50 that I liked on my skin, but I've been good about the SPF 15 year-round.

What made it so easy is Olay Total Effects SPF 15 sold by Costco.  I wore this before finding it at Costco, and was thrilled to find it there.   Costco's price is good,; and, often, you can buy it with a coupon to reduce the price even further.  At one point, a few years ago, Costco stopped carrying this with the SPF, and I had to purchase it at the drugstore, where the price was almost double.

I've tried more expensive moisturizers and less expensive creams; this is the only cream that feels right on my skin and doesn't smell weird.  On the label, Olay Total Effects claims to be fragrance free; not sure about that, but the slight smell (which might be only in my imagination) disappears quickly.

Does it work? I do occasionally get compliments on my skin. Usually after spending $$$$ at my new dermatologist's. I don't think the sunscreen hurts.


  1. what a shocking review! I have never attempted tinted moisturisers, I as of late concluded my case of that stuff likewise and I esteemed it. I for the most part feel a not too bad cream is one of the best hypotheses the degree that greatness things oil free moisturizer

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