Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cranberry, Pennsylvania, Costco

Cranberry, Pennsylvania, Costco had a mix of food that let me know we weren't in Nashville any more.

I had to stop myself from buying since I was flying. If we had been driving, I would have filled up the cart. 

Things I would have purchased: sauerkraut, thin spaghetti (I guess it's not PC to call this vermicelli anymore), canned pumpkin.  

Cranberry Costco had almost an entire aisle of pasta choices. I get that different ethnic groups make for different food choices, but canned pumpkin?  Not sure why we don't have that in Nashville.  I'll look again just to make sure.

Cranberry had more warm clothing than Nashville, and I did buy tights which aren't available in Nashville.

I thought this special order cake fridge in the Cranberry Costco was snazzy.

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