Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pure Protein Bars at Costco

We are big fans of these Pure Protein bars from Costco. This is the only bar that doesn't leave me hungrier than before I started.

I remember being in college when Metrecal, an early attempt at Slim Fast, first came out.  The idea was that you could drink Metrecal and skip a meal; this saved both time and calories. One morning I drank Metrical for breakfast, but was starving afterward, and had to stop at the soda shop on my way to class to get a bacon biscuit.   

Pure Protein bars have about 200 calories and 20 mg. of protein. I think the protein makes the difference.

The Costco package contains 6 bars of Chocolate Peanut Butter, 6 bars of Chewy Chocolate Chip, and 6 bars of Chocolate Deluxe.

Bob likes the Chocolate Peanut Butter the least.  I like the Chocolate Deluxe the best.

Usually the Costco package is almost $18, but the current coupon book lets you have them for $4.50 off, limit of three boxes at the discounted price.

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