Monday, September 9, 2013

Paperwhites at Costco

Now is the time to buy paperwhites (narcissus) at Costco.  I've bought 2 bags of 25 bulbs so far, but I might need more.  Paperwhites cover my tiny kitchen from November through February. (Bob is a patient man.)

It took me several years to realize that planting these in tall glass vases ends up being much easier than trying to stake them when they get leggy. I buy tall glass vases at the thrift store and have a pretty good supply; my best container is a large glass cylinder from Ross that holds 8 bulbs and cost under $10.   

I plant these in water and rocks, keep the roots wet, give them as much sunlight as possible. 


  1. While it is a bit crowded, I've come to love the burst of white throughout our kitchen in the winter months - Narcissus makes me almost as happy as FiFi.

  2. Can you go more in depth about how exactly you plant these? I would love to try this but am not sure exactly how to go about this whole water/rocks in a tall vase thing. Thank you!

  3. I will do a complete post with photos next week. I bought smooth pebbles at a garden store a few years ago and reuse them every year. Put about 2 inches of pebbles in the bottom of a glass cylinder. Rest bulb on top. Fill with water until the roots are fully submerged, but not too far up the bulb (I think with too much water they might rot, but this hasn't happened to me.)