Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Paperwhites at Costco (Part 2)

A comment on my Paperwhites at Costco post asked for more details on exactly how to plant them. I promised another post, and here it is.

Here are my pebbles.

I've used peat moss, gravel, regular dirt, and the plastic inserts from the commercially forced tulips that Costco sells in the spring. You just need something to make space for the roots by raising the bulbs up. The quarter is there to give you a reference for the size of the pebbles.

These are the vases I buy at my local thrift store; usually cost about a dollar. 

The finished product:

Plant the bulb pointy side up. Keep water touching the bulb bottom and give as much direct sunlight as possible.

Couldn't be simpler, but use the bulbs that say "Ideal for indoor forcing"; the variety at Costco is Ziva. I've never had any luck forcing yellow narcissus.

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