Thursday, September 19, 2013

Italian Volcano Lemon Juice

At the Peoria Costco, I was able to purchase this Italian Volcano 100% organic lemon juice. 

Italian Volcano (IV) is significantly different from ReaLemon, which is reconstituted; IV is fresh squeezed.  ReaLemon doesn't have much of a bouquet; IV smells softly lemony.  

I tried making lemonade with both: 2 tbs juice, 2 tbs sugar, and 1 cup water, and taste-tested.  

The Italian Volcano had a more complex taste, tart, fruity, with a slight hint of bitterness.  The ReaLemon had a stronger, clearer, tart taste.  Both were good; but, to me, the Italian Volcano was preferable.  Bob agreed.

The volcano in the product name refers to the area of harvest and manufacture - Mount Etna, on the island of Sicily, a region of Italy.

Italian Volcano is not available at my Nashville Costco. Hope it comes, or, maybe, I can grab more in Brooklyn or Detroit. 

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  1. I contacted Costco and they said to put in a request at the suggestion box EVERY TIME you go in and they may carry it.