Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Costco Coupons September 5 - September 29, 2013

Once again, the wonderful Kimberly over at Addicted to Costco has the upcoming coupons in a PDF. Coupons no longer need to be clipped, you can flash the book or the Costco app on a smart phone.

This new coupon policy doesn't seem to be too popular.  There is no bar code on the phone app, so it can't be scanned, which is confusing for everyone.  I've heard people complaining because they think they need a smart phone, and they don't want one. Really, just do what you always did. Not that much has changed.

I'm very happy with the new coupons; lots of products I buy are included. I need Kirkland fabric softener dryer sheets, Kirkland laundry pods, and Kirkland facial tissues. 

We are big fans of the Pure Protein snack bars; that coupon is $4.50 with a limit of 3.  

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