Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Costco Almond Bark

I had never purchased the Costco Almond Bark, located back by the bakery. I've been relying on the Almond Cherry Clusters for my chocolate fix. But I've seen so many references to the bark, I decided I had to try it for myself.  

The bark comes in 2 lb. containers, the same size as the cherry clusters, and prices are roughly equivalent (around $5.00 a pound), so it's a matter of taste which you prefer.

I'm a dark chocolate fan, and even though the bark is very good, I prefer the clusters. If you're a milk chocolate fan, you will probably love this. The chocolate in the bark is more milk chocolate, and less cloyingly sweet, than most commercial chocolate bars.  

I thought Bob might prefer the bark to the cherry clusters. But he said it's a toss up.

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