Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Yoga Shirt has Better Neckline (That's my headline, and I'm sticking with it.)

In the June Costco earnings call, Costco discussed expansion of Kirkland Brand athletic wear.  I posted about their summer capri length pants, now the winter styles are in.

I was happy to see the neckline in the women's long-sleeve shirt.  The previous crew-neck wasn't flattering. This "1/4 zipper" opening looks better on me, and, I'm guessing, many others.  

The shirt comes with details you might expect in more expensive athletic wear, such as thumb holes and cuffs to pull down over your hands and a plastic tab on the zipper in case of extreme temperatures.

Color choices are happy and bright, and, for yoga class, or just looking like I stopped off at Costco on my way home from yoga class, these will be great. The price is under $20.

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  1. Who took the fabulous photo?

    If I weren't a little gunshy about getting on Facebook right now, I'd "like" it.