Thursday, August 1, 2013

Marcona Almonds

One great thing about the blog is that it gives me the excuse to purchase what I might not ordinarily - such as Marcona almonds.  In my experience, anything with the Kirkland brand is going to be good, so I feel pretty secure experimenting.

Marcona almonds have been in Costco for a while; I found references on the Internet to Costco Marcona almonds as far back as 2005.  But I purchased them for the first time this summer. In my Costco, they're in the snack, candy aisle, not the cooking, nuts aisle.

The first time I encountered these almonds was back in the 90's at Greens Restaurant in San Francisco; I found them mystifying. I knew they weren't regular almonds, but I never knew what they were.

Since purchasing them last week at Costco, I've learned that these are a specific cultivar of almonds, usually associated with Spain. On the Internet, Amazon lists Kirkland Marcona Almonds at 4.5 stars; the Amazon price is 50% more than Costco's.

I tried Marcona Almonds sautéed with green beans and thought they were wonderful, with a yummy, very delicate almond flavor, more tender than raw almonds, but salted.  For green beans or salads, these will be my preferred almonds.  For snacking, I'll stick with raw almonds.

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