Friday, August 16, 2013

Field Trip with Great-grandpa

Ever seen people riding in the Costco
motorized shopping carts and wondered how they worked?   

Yesterday, I took my 93 year old Dad to Costco. The person checking membership cards at the door made sure my Dad understood how to stop, go forward and reverse the cart. All the controls are on the steering mechanism. The ride is very smooth, but not as fast as a fast walk.  

In a freezer aisle, we were mesmerized  by the Raybern's Philly Cheesesteaks. After standing (and sitting) in front of the freezer case for a full minute of indecision, we grabbed them. (I was pretty sure, if Costco had them, they were good.). 

They were.

My Dad, who grew up outside Philadelphia, said, "you would probably have to go to Philly to do any better." 

Eight in a package, not gigantic, but very filling; cooked perfectly after 90 seconds in the microwave, about 400 calories per sandwich.

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