Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Brownie Brittle and Natural Ingredients

Brownie Brittle seems to have taken off as a snack, and we like it too.  The lore of this snack is that Sheila G. liked the burnt edges of brownies the best, so created a snack that consisted of cookies that taste just like brownie burnt edges.

I was a little disconcerted by the packagiing changes I noticed last time I was in Costco. The old package had a much lighter photo, the new photo is darker.  The old package said "All Natural" in the upper right corner.  The new package says "Made with Natural Ingredients".   The ingredients listed on the two packages are slightly different.

I tried the new Brownie Brittles on Bob, and he didn't seem to notice any difference; so I'm not too concerned about this.  Although, it did make me wonder what the "natural" label meant on food.

I found this article on nutritional labeling that explains that the word "natural" doesn't have a great deal of meaning.  

Still, ALL natural seems better than implying that just SOME of the ingredients are natural.

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  1. Some guinea pigs are discerning. Others, however, merely wish to be fed. :-)