Saturday, July 27, 2013

Princess Dress Revisited

Similar to many three year olds, my Brooklyn granddaughter has firm opinions on what to wear.  I am not sure what the rules are, sometime they seem to involve color (the same Hanna Andersson outfit in a different color is NOT OK). Sometimes the rules involve not having scratchy things like seams or labels on the inside. Sometimes matching pants are, or are not, preferred.  Confusing rules exist about sleeves.

I was amazed when my daughter sent me this photo of my granddaughter at school yesterday. This is the fancy dress from Costco that I was hoping to pass off as a princess dress.  As I mentioned in the earlier post, Disney princess dresses can cost $50, so this dress at Costco, under $20, was worth a try.  

My daughter reported that on the walk to school, a little girl zipped by them on a scooter, stopped short, turned around and said, "You have a very beautiful dress."

Granddaughter was very pleased.

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