Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hanna Andersson Dresses at Costco

My Brooklyn granddaughter likes the Costco Hanna Andersson dresses.  Easy to get on because they pull over the head, 100% cotton means these are perfect for extraordinary heat in NYC this past weekend.  We grabbed a couple on sale at the Brooklyn Costco; problem was granddaughter decided she ONLY wanted to wear the blue one which was dirty after the extreme heat and ice cream eating.

If you Google Hanna Andersson, you will see what a great deal these dresses are, even at full Costco price.

In the Costco children's clothing, my granddaughter fell in love with the mermaid top and skirt set - not Hanna Andersson and maybe not to my daughter's and my taste.  This set is 100% polyester, and my daughter thought it was too hot for Monday. After extended negotiations, my daughter let the granddaughter wear the top, with a different cotton skirt on the bottom.  The mermaid skirt, a fancy 100% polyester tutu, has been saved for another day.

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  1. Negotiations? Henry just marks his territory.

    Ah,genetics. Laying landmines, reaping benefits, miles downstream. :-)